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Size Guide

While most of the clothing presented on our website is marked using the international size scale (XS, S, etc), we would like to draw your attention to the fact that exact dimensions could greatly vary from producer to producer and from garment to garment.

To make it easier for you to chose the right size we attached measurments of particular garments on their respective pages. We strongly recommend that you make your decision on the size you order based on comparison of our garment's dimensions with similar clothes of yours, not with your body measurments. This means that you compare sweater with sweater, shirt with shirt and jacket with jacket. Such approach will ensure that you understand better how particular garment will fit you - how wide and long it would be, where the sleeve will end up - as you know how the one you already wear fits. Please note, however, that when it comes to skirts and trousers, it would be usefull to take body measurments into account as well.

Judging from our experience and feedback of our clients, if you follow the care instructions for woollen knits there shouldn't be any noticeable shrinkage of the garment, so there's no need to order one size up unless you wish the garment to have an oversize look.

In case you need our advise on choosing a size for your particular body shape, please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to assist you!

Please be informed that for throws, blankets and scarves we specify dimensions based on the specifications provided by producers. Due to the natural character of fibers used, the finishing stage of the manufacturing process can impact the actual size of the specific item and it could vary to a certain extent.

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