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We carefully choose manufacturers and the products we offer to you. Our decisions are always defined by several fundamental principles:

Natural materials

All the products we sell are made of them – be it all types of wool, linen or cotton.


We believe that the goods we sell should serve you for a long time and this means that they should be well-tailored and made of high quality yarns and fabrics.


We choose brands that produce their goods locally at their own factories and thus provide jobs and support to their communities. We also believe that this helps to preserve knowledge and expertise and in many cases traditional crafts, not to mention that it ensures quality control. Let’s put it simple – if the brand is based in Europe, its goods must be made in the Europe, not somewhere in the Far East.

Reasonable price

We strongly believe that the combination of three above mentioned principles should be obtained at a reasonable price. This means that the price must be defined mainly by the costs of materials and labor and not by the marketing expenses which nowadays often inflate the price of goods by enormous proportions.

As an example – one of our suppliers from Scotland knits cashmere jumpers from the yarn made by a local spinner. One of the world best known luxury brands also uses the very same yarn and also knits in Scotland, but their jumpers cost 3-4 times more and we doubt they have a better quality.

Another parameter that determines the price is the seller’s margin. We are not a charity in any way, but we believe that greed leads to poverty and we share ideals of Henry Ford who claimed that business should serve the people and it is better to sell more at lower margin than less with a larger one. We don’t get volume discounts from our suppliers and we rarely provide discounts to our clients, but we ensure that our price is competitive and the margin is even so you don’t overpay because particular style is very popular or it is a high season. Our goal is to guarantee that the goods we sell will solve your task and make sure that you are happy with the deal.

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