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Care Instructions

This page contains general recommendations how to clean the garments sold at our store. To ensure that the goods you’ve bought from us last long and keep their appearance, shape and colors we strongly recommend to follow manufacturer’s instructions for the specific product – they are usually specified on the seam label of the garment.

In case you’ve cut the label off or need some clarification or advise please feel free to contact us.

Knitted woolen goods

For knitted sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves you can choose between hand-wash and dry clean. However if the garment has a substantial percentage of alpaca or mohair then dry clean would be the only solution.

In case you opt to hand-wash the garment we insist you follow some simple but important rules:

Use regular shampoo for hair – this is what any person from the factories we work with will recommend. Special detergents for wool are appropriate but they don’t have any major advantages and are products of marketing teams that put additional burden on your finances. Never use soap, fabric softeners (not to be confused with wool softeners) or laundry detergent with built-in bleaching agents or other fancy add-on ingredients.

Use cold water only. Water temperature in any case must not exceed 30°C - and this shouldn’t be judged by hand! Otherwise you’ll understand what it means when people complain that wool shrinks.

Wash gently without rubbing. Don’t soak garment for a long time, 5-10 minutes would be enough.

Rinse in cold water without pulling the garment high by one side – if you lift it from the water be sure to keep the garment in a lump.

Remove the water by squeezing the garment put in a lump, not by twisting it. To further dry the garment lay it between two clean towels, roll them in a tight log and squeeze along the bundle so that the towels will absorb the excess water left. Once you’ve removed as much water as you can, unroll the towels and lay the garment out on a new dry towel on a flat surface, taking care to reshape it as needed.Allow it to dry like this. Never hang the garment or drape it over a drying rack as it will cause stretching of the product. Never use a clothes dryer – the wet garment will shrink if exposed to heat!

Woven woolen goods

Dry clean only when it comes to skirts, trousers, jackets or coats. For throws and scarves dry clean is a must in case they contain mohair, alpaca and cashmere. In dire need pure wool and lambswool products can be hand washed or machine washed on a wool setting with temperature less thank 30°C and reshape after washing. Do not tumble dry in the latter case.

Linen and Cotton Clothing

Most of our linen and cotton garments can be machine-washed at 30°C. However in case they have a lining the only option is dry clean.

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